Increase Web Sales By 8% And Traffic By 20-40% With 1 Simple Tactic

30-40% of visitors to your website are probably leaving without seeing your site. Fixing this one simple thing can increase your web visitors and sales by 20-40%.

Page Speed Simply Means How Quickly Your Page Loads.

According To Google:

A Research From Portent Reveals:

This means you can increase your sales without making any extra effort.

You will increase sales and reduce the cost of your ad campaigns. Your bounce rates will drop so more people will see your offer, and therefore, you will get more sales.

When I work with clients, I always start by fixing what we have to increase sales before adding new strategies. This is the fastest way to multiply your revenue and profits.

To Improve Transaction Conversions: Aim for a 0-2 Second Load Time

A lot of websites have heavy pages that are loaded with high-quality images and codes. 

The server has to download all this data to show to the web visitor.

Go to these websites:

They will show your website speed.

Screenshot Showing A Grade Page Speed For A1 Tactics On GT Metrix Site

These websites will pinpoint the factors slowing your website down. 

Screenshot Google Page Speed Tool Showing Factors Slowing Page Speed

Fix elements that are slowing down your pages. 

Content Delivery Networks (CDN) Can Speed Up Your Website

Use a content delivery network like 

You can get a free account if you cannot afford paid account.

Shrink Your Images 

Jpeg and Png images are best. 

If you have animations as gif files turn them into mpeg files. 

Servers download video data first so it increases the speed of your page.

use a cache plugin

I use Wp-Optimize.

But there are many Other good ones.  

Do a quick search on wordpress plugins page or google.

Remove Unnecessary Tools That Slows The Page Speed

Reduce any extra codes and fonts that are not needed.

Reduce fancy items like social media links and forms on your sales pages unless they are part of your campaign.

Hire a coder on or to fix it for you.

Your Web Visitors Will Increase By 20-40 %, And Your Sales Conversions Will Increase By 8% Approx By Loading Your Web Page Within 2 Seconds.

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