Increase Conversions By 30-40% With This Retargeting Tactic

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Increase Conversions By 30-40% With This Retargeting Tactic

Best Retargeting Ad For Abandoned Cart

An abandoned Cart Is When Someone Starts To Fill The Checkout Page But Leaves Without Completing The Purchase.

Retargeting Is The Process Of Showing Ads To Motivate Customers To Complete Their Purchase.

In General, About 69% of Customers Will Leave The Cart Without Completing The Purchase. Mobile Users Abandon Rate Is Around 85%

This Is Huge. If You Can Get Some Of These Customers To Buy, your Conversion Rates Can Drastically increase.

Improve Checkout Optimization

This Will Reduce Your Rate Of Cart Abandonment. We Will Discuss Checkout Page Optimization In Another Post.

You Can Bring 25-40% Of The Customers Who Abandoned Back And Get A Sale By Using Retargeting Ads.

Best Retargeting Ad - 30-40% Conversion Increase.

I Have Tested Various Ads. I Have Discovered That “You Left Something In The Cart” Is The Best Retargeting Ad.

Graphic Of An Abandoned Cart With Items In It To Increase conversions With Retargeting Ads

The Conversion Rates Are Even Better If You Can Personalize By Show The Picture Of the Product, They Were Shopping.

Images of A1 Marketing Plan Book As A Demonstration of Personalized Ad For Abandoned Carts

Facebook Best For Retargeting

I Find That Retargeting Ads Work Best On Facebook But Try Every platform. Testing Is The Only To Know For Sure.

This One Tactic Will Increase Your Conversions By 30-40% And Improve Your Ad Campaign Performance.

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