How To Build Profitable Ad Campaigns

How I Plan And Build Profitable Ad Campaigns

I will share my strategy on how to build profitable ad campaigns in this post.

I use the same approach for my business and for my clients.

If you are new to running ads, this post will save you a lot of time and money. You will discover why most people do not make money with ads.

The tactics from this post will teach you how to grow your sales with ads the right way.

Why Most Businesses Fail With Ads...

Most business owners and even ad agencies create ads and send customers to the sales page.

This approach works for e-commerce products and low-value offers.

This also works for Google Ads. This is because, on Google Ads, customers are searching for a product. They are in the buying mentality.

So you get sales quickly if you have an attractive offer.

However, it is one thing to get a sale and completely different to profit from that sale.

Most businesses run ad campaigns at a loss or make very little money. They have not planned their sales offers, customer journey, and sales funnels correctly.


You need a sales and profit plan before you run ads. This is the only way to win with advertising.

Map the journey of your customer.

List all the products and services to sell.

Then build a sales funnel and drive traffic.

Improve every part of the funnel to increase sales conversions.

Let us say you are selling product A for $ 29. You spend $35 on ads to get 1 sale.

The majority of business owners will assume their campaign is not working. If you use an agency, they will blame your sales offer or website for poor performance.

You will probably create new ads and hire someone else to run ads. You may even spend a lot of money to redo your offer.

When you still won’t get results, you will assume ads do not work for you and quit.

How To Improve Your Struggling Ad Campaign

Let us go back to our example. Let us say you spend $35 to get a $29 sale. You can turn your loss into profit by selling an additional product to your customer.

Research what else to sell to your customer.

Your customer just purchased a lamp. You can offer them a bulb.

They will need a bulb for their lamp. You can offer an RGB bulb and even a dimmer switch as your next offer.

You just sold a yoga class. Maybe you can present a yoga mat or clothing as your upsell. You can offer a package, 1 on 1 session, and a retreat.

In short, plan your product, sales, and profit before running ads.

Then Map Your Customer Journey.

Next, Create ads and sales offers.

How I Build Ad Campaigns

I plan my sales funnel in the first stage.

I list all the products to sell.

I then map the customer journey and divide it into phases.

For example, I need to collect customer information as the first step.

Then present them product one followed by product two and so on.

This helps me identify the messaging, ads, and offers needed to sell my products.

Look at this image:

An image of a sales funnel To Improve Conversions With Retargeting Ads

This is the image of a sales funnel. It lists all the products and the sequence in which they are offered.

In short, this is a map of a customer journey.

What are the products for your business? What steps do you need to take to find and get a customer? How and what can you offer next to get additional sales?

Your business will be as successful as the plan behind it.

You will never feel confident and make a sincere effort to grow your business until you can clearly see the steps to selling and making money.

So the first step is to plan your offer and customer journey. Then turn it into a sales funnel.

Next, Divide Your Sales Funnel Into Stages

This will help you identify ads, messages, and offers for each phase of your customer journey.

This will help you show relevant ads and messages to your customer depending on their customer journey.

Let us say you run ads for your law firm. You offer a free 30-minute phone call or a guide to collect leads.

You do not want to keep showing the same ad to the client who already spoke with you or gave you their email. This will be a waste of money.

Also, you do not want to stop running ads, or you will lose the client.

In this case, you want to send them emails or make a phone call depending on your sales funnel. You will promote your product or service in these emails or ads.

You will stop these ads when the customer makes a purchase. You will not send emails and show ads for the next offer.

This is how you lead customers step-by-step to buying all your products.

This is what you will do in this stage.

Divide your sales funnel into stages so you can plan ads and content for each phase of the customer journey.

This is what I have done in the image below:

An image of a sales funnel divided into phases showing how To Build Profitable Ad Campaigns

Finally, plan ads and content delivery for each stage.

Use paid ads where necessary.

Remember that not all ads are paid ads.

Emails, phone calls, brochures, live presentations, and any other form of promotions are ads.

You use paid ads to get new leads.

Then you target them with emails and phone calls.

You show ads if they do not make the purchase. And you show ads for the stage they are in.

If they purchased product 1 but did not buy product 2, motivate them to buy with ads.

Send email reminders if they added the product to the shopping cart but did not complete sales. If they do not open emails, retarget them with paid ads. Show them they have an item in the shopping cart. You will get a lot more sales.

Take a look at the image below:

An image of a sales funnel with ad and marketing plan to build profitable ad campaign

Make Your Ad Campaign Profitable And Impactful

This is how I create profitable ad campaigns for my clients and me.

Make your ad campaigns even more impactful and profitable by improving each part of the funnel. We will discuss conversions another time.

Many businesses stop showing ads after the customer makes a purchase. This is a mistake. The sales for your following products will increase if you keep reminding them.

Here is the thing, most customers will purchase and forget about you. Your ads will remind them, and this makes them buy from you.

It is like this if you were looking for a realtor, would you search for one online, or will you call the one whose card is glued on your refrigerator?

Constantly remind your customer of your business and offers. This will drastically increase sales.

Target them with paid ads if they are not responding to your promotions. For example, we often postpone reading an email. We want to take our time and read when we are free of distractions. This never happens, and we forget about it.

Most of us give our emails or contact information to multiple businesses. We then get promotions from various sources.

In this case, the person with the most presence gets business.

Your lead may have completely forgotten about you.

You will bring them back with paid ads.

You can show reviews or offer a free trial to move the needle and get business. The message will depend on the stage of your customer journey.

5-Step Profitable Ad Campaign Plan

Once you have your plan, you can run ads or hire someone to do it for you. This time, you have a profit plan. You have a strategy. And you have tactics to improve performance and profits.

You just learned something that most ad agencies and even gurus cannot teach. You are way more advanced. Take this knowledge and run ads confidently.

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