5 Step Plan That Me Highest Earning Coach

In this video, Magic Leon, one of the highest paid coaches, shares his expertise in building a six-figure coaching, consulting agency, or freelance business.

With clients worldwide paying him anywhere from $3,500 to $200,000, Magic has a wealth of experience and knowledge to share.

He will walk us through a five-part plan designed to help you create your own successful coaching, consulting agency, or freelance business with earnings in the six to seven-figure range.

Unleash Your Potential: Building a Thriving Coaching or Consulting Business by Creating a Movement

To begin, if you’re genuinely committed to building a thriving coaching or consulting business, it’s crucial to take the first step and dive into the industry.

Many talented coaches, consultants, and trainers never start their businesses because they believe they’re not ready or they’re waiting for the perfect moment.

However, waiting for an opportune time or a more refined idea can be an endless process.

The reality is, there’s never a perfect time to begin.

When examining the history of successful individuals like Steve Jobs, Oprah, and Elon Musk, we see that they all started from humble beginnings, facing significant challenges and financial struggles.

Yet, they managed to build something extraordinary out of their hardships.

Embrace your challenges and remember that even the most successful people began with setbacks and failures.

If you believe you have something impactful to offer and want to make a difference in the world while earning money, it’s essential to take action and get started.

Create A Movement Like Steve Jobs, Elon Musk, And Oprah Winfrey

Building a six or seven-figure business requires a significant number of people who believe in you, repeatedly give you business, and promote you to others.

To achieve this level of success, you need to do more than just run a business – you need to create a movement.

Looking back in history, we can see that many successful enterprises have created movements.

Take Apple, for example; they didn’t focus on promoting the features of their computers.

Instead, they launched a movement with their initial “Think Different” ad campaign, celebrating those who didn’t fit in, the creative individuals, the misfits, and the rebels.

By creating a movement, you can foster a loyal following and achieve long-lasting success in your coaching, consulting, or freelance business.

When you create a movement, many people will want to be part of it and associate themselves with your cause.

This sense of belonging is what fosters loyalty, not the product or its features, as someone else will eventually come up with better features.

Take Nike, for example; their “Just Do It” campaign sends a message that resonates with people, encouraging them to overcome obstacles and get things done, regardless of their circumstances.

As a coach, consultant, or freelancer, don’t just focus on being a trainer—be a trainer who’s building a cause.

Your cause could be promoting a fitter, healthier, or stress-free world.

It’s not just about teaching yoga, Pilates, or how to build six-pack abs; it’s about championing a larger cause and creating a more significant movement.

So, for your business, consider the cause you want to create and how it can inspire a movement that resonates with your target audience.

To build a successful coaching, consulting, or freelance business, you need to identify the impact you want to create in the world.

This vision will be the foundation of your marketing efforts, helping you attract a loyal tribe.

People will join you, promote you, and buy from you based on that shared cause, ultimately helping you achieve a six or seven-figure income.

Package Products And Services To Maximizing Earnings Per Customer

The next step is to package products or services to generate substantial revenue.

Rather than focusing on the specifics of your offerings, concentrate on developing products that can bring in significant earnings.

To reach a six or seven-figure income, you must increase your earnings per customer.

The more money you can make per customer, the quicker you’ll reach your financial goals.

There are two primary ways to achieve this:

For instance, when you buy a TV at Best Buy, they often promote insurance, protection, installation services, mounting hardware, and home theater systems as part of a bundle.

By offering a combination of products and services, they increase their earnings per customer.

To grow your coaching, consulting, or freelance business, you should consider adopting one or both of these strategies—bundling products and services together or offering high-end programs.

This will help you increase your earnings per customer, making it easier to reach your financial goals and grow your business.

Using Magic Leon’s previous business as an example, the average client spent $1,300 on digital products, while those who joined his coaching club spent $43,000.

With such high earnings per customer, he only needed to make a few sales per year to be satisfied.

This also meant that he could afford to spend up to $40,000 to acquire one customer and still make a profit.

This allowed him to invest in advertising and provide generous commissions for others to promote his services while still remaining profitable.

By focusing on increasing earnings per customer, you can create a more financially sustainable business model that offers flexibility and the potential for growth.

For your business, it’s crucial to develop a series of products or trainings that can generate substantial income per customer.

If you’re unsure where to start, researching successful competitors in your niche can provide valuable insights.

For instance, if you’re a life coach, study Tony Robbins’ programs and products to understand how he earns his income.

If you’re into yoga, examine Yoga with Adriene, who has 11 million followers and makes millions of dollars.

Analyzing these successful examples will give you ideas for creating your own products and trainings that can lead to six or seven-figure earnings.

Unlock Consistent Sales Using A PowerPitch Formula

After establishing your offerings, the next crucial component for consistent six to seven-figure income is developing a compelling sales pitch that you can use regularly to promote your products and services.

Magic Leon uses a sales technique called “PowerPitch,” which has proven highly effective in generating sales across various platforms and outperforming competitors.

Although he doesn’t have the time to explain it in detail here, he offers a simpler formula to help you get started with consistent sales.

To apply this approach, take two or three stories that relate to your product or service, weave them together, and create a presentation based on those stories.

This storytelling method will engage your audience and help you begin generating sales while you continue to develop your sales pitch further.

When creating your presentation, ensure that each story connects to your end goal and mission statement.

For example, if your business focuses on teaching marketing and business skills to help clients live happier and better lives, use stories that illustrate this core message.

You could share a story about someone who was struggling with their business due to a lack of marketing knowledge.

This person may have been living in a small rented room and couldn’t afford to dine out at restaurants.

After using your specific tactics and guidance, their business took off, and they now enjoy a better quality of life with their own place and the ability to enjoy leisure activities.

By sharing relatable stories that align with your mission statement, you’ll create a more engaging and persuasive sales pitch for your audience.

You can share a second story to further illustrate your mission and the value of your services.

In this example, discuss a person who used their retirement savings to buy perishable products to promote, but struggled to find marketers and agencies to help them.

Many took the person’s money without providing the desired results.

With their products nearing expiration and their retirement savings at risk, you stepped in and used your strategies to help them.

As a result, the person was able to sell all the products and even make a profit.

By sharing this story, you demonstrate how your coaching, course, or training can help people in various situations, whether they’re struggling to build or launch a business or facing unique challenges.

The key is to share relatable stories that resonate with your target audience and showcase the benefits of your offerings.

Connecting Personal Stories to Your Mission Statement: Boosting Sales and Securing High-Paying Clients for Long-Term Success.

In your sales pitch, connect the stories back to your mission statement and the purpose of your business.

For instance, in both stories mentioned earlier, the focus is not only on the tactics used to help the clients but also on your mission to help them live happier and more fulfilling lives.

By illustrating how your strategies led to the clients achieving their goals, making money, and enjoying a better quality of life, you showcase the value of your offerings and the alignment with your mission.

This type of presentation, which connects personal stories to your mission statement and desired outcomes, is an effective way to generate sales.

The final step in achieving consistent six or seven-figure earnings every year is to focus on sales.

Remember, it’s not just about earning money, but also about making a positive impact on your clients’ lives.

Get First Paying Client And Build Sales Funnels That Get 6-7 Figure Revenue

A crucial step in launching your coaching, consulting, or freelance business is to secure your first high-paying client within a week of your launch.

Acquiring a high-paying client may seem daunting, but with over a decade of experience, Magic Leon assures that the effort required to sell a $100 product is almost the same as selling a $3,000 to $5,000 product.

The difference lies in the return on your effort.

When you sell a $100 product, there isn’t much you can do to reinvest the earnings, hire help, or improve your life quality.

However, if you secure a client paying $3,000 or $5,000, you can reinvest in your business, hire assistance, and enhance your life while building your business.

Many entrepreneurs give up because they can’t afford to remain financially strained for an extended period.

By focusing on securing high-paying clients, you can create a stable foundation for your business and personal success.

Securing High-Paying Clients: Strategies for Rapid Business Growth and Success

Many individuals become disheartened by the lack of income from their businesses, leading them to lose confidence and ultimately give up.

To avoid this situation, your focus should be on acquiring your first high-paying client within a week of launching your business.

By doing so, you establish a solid foundation for both your business and personal confidence.

To achieve this, leverage the presentation and sales pitch techniques discussed earlier.

Present these stories and solutions to potential clients in a compelling and engaging manner.

Depending on your business niche, there are countless ways to approach potential clients and showcase your offerings.

Stay focused on your mission and the value you provide, and you will increase your chances of securing high-paying clients and achieving long-term success.

There are numerous ways to reach out to potential clients and present your sales pitch.

For instance, you can use meetup.com to organize an event where you can showcase your services, or you can find interested individuals on Craigslist.

Another effective approach is to host a Zoom meeting or a webinar and deliver your presentation to a broader audience.

These methods have a high probability of securing your first sale.

You can also promote your services while traveling.

Some entrepreneurs have joined Facebook groups or other traveler communities, organized classes, given presentations, and made sales while on the go.

By exploring various avenues to present your offerings and connect with potential clients, you increase your chances of securing high-paying clients and growing your business.

If you’re selling digital products, another effective way to reach potential clients and generate sales is by utilizing YouTube.

By creating content and driving traffic to your videos, you can showcase your offerings and present your sales pitch to a larger audience.

Even with just 100 views, using the sales pitch formula shared earlier increases your chances of making a sale.

Additionally, consider bundling your products to maximize earnings.

Offer an initial product, and once customers make a purchase, present them with upsell options.

By providing multiple upsell opportunities, you increase the likelihood of earning a more substantial income from each client, contributing to the growth and success of your business.

If you’re starting or struggling with a business, take the time to study your competitors and develop a product or service that allows you to charge more.

Create a compelling presentation to attract high-paying clients, and as a result, both your life and business will change for the better.

Maximizing Business Growth: Attract High-Paying Clients and Build a Resilient Business Model

Once you secure your first high-paying client, celebrate your hard work and achievements.

Then, focus on building multiple sales funnels to bring clients to your business automatically.

Having four or five different channels for attracting clients is vital for sustainable growth.

For example, one of those channels could be YouTube.

By diversifying your client acquisition methods, you’ll create a more robust and resilient business model, ensuring long-term success.

In addition to YouTube, consider other channels for attracting clients.

Running ads, hosting free classes, and collaborating with affiliates who promote your services in exchange for commissions are all viable methods for client acquisition.

The specific strategies you employ will depend on your business and niche.

By following the plan outlined in this guide, there is a strong likelihood that you’ll successfully build a six or seven-figure business.

While there are no guarantees, applying these steps and staying committed to your mission will significantly increase your chances of achieving long-term success in your coaching, consulting, or freelance business.

This guide provides a concrete plan that eliminates guesswork, confusion, and the need for further research.

The strategies shared have worked for Magic Leon and many others, as they are based on years of experience working with top marketers.

By following this plan, you’ll be on the path to success in your coaching, consulting, or freelance business.

For additional help and resources, consider checking out Magic Leon’s website and courses, which can further enhance your knowledge and accelerate your business growth.

Stay up to date with relevant information and tips by subscribing to his channel, as it will continue to provide valuable insights for your journey.

Good luck, and may these strategies help you achieve success in your business endeavors.

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